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Fairies World Copyright Information
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Terms and conditions for the use of images on non-business Web Sites belonging to and displaying the Fairies World® logo or Copyright information or any Web Sites associated with or owned by Fairies World® or Myrea Pettit of Fairies World®.

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Fairies World® do not, under any circumstances, support Tags; Stationery; Tubes; and Siggies, and have not done so this past three years.

Abuse of the © copyright of our intellectual property, will not be tolerated.

For commercial purposes images can be licensed and agreement can be negotiated for advertising for bone fide organisations.

Myrea Pettit
Fairies World®


Only images supplied by Fairies World® via E-mail or CD-ROM can be used on Web Sites or for any other use.

The maximum size of graphic supplied by Fairies World® unless previously agreed in writing is:
Width 200 pixels
Height 200 pixels

Images located on any web site owned by Fairies World® must not be used or downloaded for use on any other Web Site or publication.

For licencing enquiries please E-mail:


The following information must be used for all Fairies World® graphics on any Web Site.

Alt tag of each and every image:
Copyright© 2004 Fairies World®

The following Copyright information must be placed exactly as shown, at the bottom of each and every page containing any Fairies World®:
All graphics on this page are Copyright© 2004 Fairies World®

You must use the following html text link code to Fairies World® on each and every page that contains any image or information from any Fairies World® Web Site:
<a href="http://www.fairiesworld.com">Fairies World®</a>

No other form of link to Fairies World® is acceptable.


Fairies World® reserve the right to take action against any person or business who does not conform to the above terms and conditions.
Fairies World® will request immediate removal of any image provided by us should the user fail to conform to the above terms and conditions or fails to provide the correct copyright protection for their images.
Fairies World® reserve the right to seek maximum compensation allowable under current worldwide copyright laws for the non compliance in the above terms and conditions.
Fairies World® digitally watermark all graphics, making them traceable using their client software.

Fairies World®
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